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A Hindered Prayer Life

How effective are your prayers? Are there certain things that can harm the prayers you pray? All of us want prayers to be answered. Why else would we pray them? Truth is God always answers. We just get troubled when His answer is contrary to our request. His answer is […]

Need More Patience?

Name some of the most impatient situations you’ve ever been in.  I bet they involve traffic and anything that has to do with waiting in a line.  I remember waiting in line at Disney World on a family vacation.  An app on my phone told me approximately how long we […]

Which Bible Translation is the Best?

I recently had someone ask me a great question. “Why are there different versions or translations of the Bible and which one should I use?” Great question! At first thought one would wonder why there are so many versions in English alone. We all understand different languages so people of […]