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Life by the Spirit

How does a Christian keep away from sin and grow in Christ?  I place those two statements together because they are married – they belong together as simultaneous actions.  In Galatians 5:16-26 Paul gives the answer to both.  He begins by saying we should, “Live by the Spirit and you […]

You Shall Find Rest

I’ll never forget the time in college my roommate and I hosted a 48 hour lock-in at his church.  It was the ultimate lock-in – 48 hours of games, bowling, laser tag, roller skating, food, movies, capture the flag and a host of other fun events.  Did mention it was […]

Sin in the Church

There is a real difference between a church that deals with sin in a biblical way to help people overcome it and one that chooses to ignore, overlook, or confront sin. The church at Corinth was such a church. In 1 Corinthians 5:1-13 we see Paul addressing them in their […]

A Few Parting Words

The great Apostle Paul writes in 2 Timothy, the last letter he would pen before his martyr’s death, a few profound statements that at first glance might be overlooked.  A few of those statements really ministered to me this morning as I read them before and listened to them during […]

What a Friend!

What makes a friend good? We all know a bad friend when we live through it. A bad friend is someone who stabs you in the back, abandons you in tough times, and takes advantage of you. A friend is supposed to be someone you can trust in, depend on, […]