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A Clean House

If there’s one thing I’ve learned about kids it is they make messes.  Sometimes those messes are little.  Sometimes those messes are big.  My wife and I are constantly saying things to our kids like, “Pick up the clothes in your bathroom floor…that’s why you have a laundry basket in […]

Take Out The Trash

This morning on my way into the church office I noticed several pieces of trash at our entrances. It’s not uncommon for it to collect daily as we are on a main highway. I stopped my car, got out, and walked between the driveways collecting the trash. I greatly care […]

Happy New Year

Happy New Year! The new year offers better opportunities, fresh starts, and second chances. New is something everyone wants. As I was shaving the other day I noticed the word “new” on the shaving lotion bottle. I looked at the hand soap and it said “new” as well. It made […]