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Write Your Own Obituary

What if you woke up this morning, sat down at the kitchen table with your breakfast, opened up the local newspaper and read your obituary? That’s right, you died! What would that obituary say about the life you lived? This happened to Alfred Nobel. We all know him for his […]

Reconcilable Differences

I hate to see marriages end…especially ones where I preached the ceremony.  I still call marriage holy matrimony.  Most marriages end with these two words:  “irreconcilable differences”.  Anything, it seems, is grounds for divorce these days.  I personally know of a couple that divorced over a cheeseburger.  Yes, a cheeseburger.  […]

What Color Is Your Jesus?

Perhaps this is a question to which you’ve never given much thought.  Maybe this causes you to think even further back to the beginning of time:  what color were Adam and Eve?   Try this:  close your eyes and think about the image of Jesus.  What color do you see?  Do […]