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Psalm 4

Almost every country song has some kind of sad story line to it.  Can you hear someone singing, “My ex cheated, somebody got drunk, it ain’t working out, it’s all over, and I’m gonna get you for that.” Those seem to be some crazy recurring song themes.  How depressing!  One […]

Psalm 3

Have you ever felt like everyone was out to get you, even your family?  That’s what David was experiencing when he wrote Psalm 3.  David penned this psalm of lament while fleeing Jerusalem when his son Absalom led an uprising to take the kingship from him and kill him (2 […]

Psalm 2

Do you ever get upset when you hear about a law being presented or passed that goes against God and His Word?  What about when world leaders blatantly speak or take stands that contradict Biblical principles?  I have to admit I’ve felt the emotions of anger as I have seen […]

Psalm 1

Everyone desires the blessings of God, but not everyone pursues them.  How do you know you are blessed?  Or, the opposite, how do you know you are cursed?  God told Israel He would reward them if they obeyed and punish them if they disobeyed Him (Leviticus 26; Deuteronomy 28).  A […]