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More Than A Spare

Drive long enough on four good tires and you’ll eventually have a flat. It’s expected, that’s why we all have a spare tire in our trunk or under our car. I remember when my wife and I were first married. Our love was big, our money was small, and our […]

More Than Skating By

Last night, my son got his first skateboard. He wanted a “penny board”. On the way to the store, he told me a lot about skateboards, skaters, and skating. I watched him in the rear view mirror on the way home and then to the skatepark. He held that board […]

“How I Am Overcoming Depression”

Sincerity. It means free from pretense or deceit. It comes from Latin “sine” without and “cera” wax. Without wax. Ancient marble sculptures that didn’t have wax in the imperfections and cracks were stamped “sine cera” denoting they were true and perfect marble, even with their faults. When we are vulnerable […]