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Before You Say I Don’t

So many marriages today are ending in divorce. But yours doesn’t have to! As a marriage counselor, I’ve heard every reason in the world while couples are separating. The most common reason is there is usually someone else in the picture. Maybe it’s just thoughts or flirting (which are both […]

7 Things the Lord Hates

What does God hate? Sin, obviously! He is holy (Psalm 22:3; Isaiah 43:15, Revelation 15:4). He also asks that His followers be holy (1 Peter 1:16). I want to hate what He hates, but more importantly, I want to love what He loves! One scripture that has stuck out to […]

Valleys and Mountains

Life is full of obstacles. Some you see coming from a distance, while others hit you out of no where like a Mack truck. Usually we talk about difficulties as if they are “valleys”. In other words, a valley is a low point in your life. Perhaps a “low” point […]