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“A Tale of Two Rocks”

Have you ever ignored the Lord’s Word and done it your own way? How’d that turn out? Terrible, I’m sure, if our pride will allow us to admit it. It’s always best to obey the Lord and do it His way. When Moses approached the Lord because of Israelites’ grumbling […]

The Rot of Unforgiveness

Backbiting, complaining, murmuring, anger, bitterness, rage, offense…all things that have no place in anyone’s life, especially a disciple of Jesus. Have you ever been given the cold shoulder by someone? We all have at some point. That happened to me recently with another believer. I spoke, waved, and nothing. Just […]

“Eat to Live, and Live to Eat”

“I’m hungry!” Those are words we’ve all said, and I constantly hear from three growing kids. As my mom used to say, “I think they have a hollow leg” because nothing seems ever to fill them up! Food is a critical element in life. It energizes, sustains, and satisfies our […]