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Knowing God’s Calling, Riches, and Power

Have you ever prayed Scripture for someone? What a concept! You will never run out of things to pray! The Apostle Paul was a master at this. Prayers like Ephesians 3:16-21, Philippians 1:3-6, and 2 Thessalonians 3:16 are just a few of the over forty prayers I read through this morning. One in particular I pray almost every day for people is Ephesians 1:17-19. Read it if you would and then let’s look at how this prayer focuses on someone knowing God in his wisdom, revelation, calling, riches, and power.

Knowing God is the highest knowledge possible. Some would say there is no God to know while others say if God is real we really cannot know Him. What a lie!   When you truly come to know God through the person of Jesus Christ you realize you wouldn’t know much of anything without knowing Him. Believers must grow in their knowledge of God. The better we know God the better we really know ourselves and God’s plan for our lives. He desires you to know Him as Savior, Father, and Friend. It’s in knowing God that we are ultimately satisfied. As these verses say, Jesus wants to give us wisdom, knowledge, understanding and enlightenment that only come from God’s Spirit. You get God’s Spirit when you are saved and walk in Him. So, true wisdom, knowledge, understanding, and enlightenment only come from Him! Those are four things we all have longed for and when we grow in a relationship with Jesus we gain them as a byproduct. They are not what we seek – we seek Him first and they will be added to us (Matthew 6:33).

Wisdom, knowledge, understanding, and enlightenment from God reveal His true calling, riches, and power for your life. God wants you to know His purpose for your life. It’s better than any purpose you or I could imagine. These verses talk about knowing His calling. The word church (which you become as you give your life to Christ) means “called out”. Calling is found in Him by being His church. These verses talk about the hope of His calling. Not a wishful thinking or “maybe-so” mentality but a true knowing you have a calling in Him as He is our Blessed Hope (Titus 2:13). Riches are what man has sought after from the beginning of time. But the riches described in verse 18 are not riches found in Christ. They speak of His Saints being the riches (His inheritance in the saints). Yes there are riches found in Christ but you, being found in Him, are His true riches – not gold, silver, and jewels! Knowing how valuable you are to Him should lead you to a life of devotion and dedication to a wonderful Savior.

Lastly, verse 19 shows Paul’s prayer for the believer to know “the surpassing greatness of His power”. We are His inheritance and find purpose (calling) in Him. What hope! What joy! What a future! What power this brings to your life! That power is at work mightily in the Christian! So, this wisdom, understanding, knowledge, and enlightenment of knowing you have a calling and worth in Him is useless if you don’t have the power to live it out! “The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak (Matthew 26:41). But this power is resurrection power (Romans 8:11; Ephesians 1:20; Philippians 3:10). I pray Paul’s prayer is answered in your life. You can know God’s calling, riches, and power. Pray that for someone else today!

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Stephen and his wife Haley have called Arkansas home all of their lives. Stephen has served in several ministry roles over the last 25 years and as a lead pastor for the last 8 years. Stephen attended Williams Baptist College and earned a BA in Biblical Studies from Ouachita Baptist University, an MA, MDiv, and DMin in Christian Leadership and Pastoral Ministries from Liberty University. When not pastoring, Stephen enjoys running, cycling, reading, writing, camping, fishing, and spending time with his family.

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