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Repair Beyond Broken

Beach Devotion #1

While running at the beach this morning, I saw this pile of broken and discarded beach chairs and tents. Behind the fence was an even greater pile. The hopeful handyman in me stopped to see which ones were salvageable. Some would be easily repaired with a new bolt. Some would be more difficult with a new bar. For some, however, it would be easier to buy a new replacement. I resisted the temptation to run one a mile back to our camper, but I’m not above driving back to rescue the perishing.

The pile of now forgotten and replaced “junk” made me think about broken lives. Some throw them away. Some are the discarded broken. Some see the promise of a repaired and once again usable life. I have been all three at some time in life. I’ve been the abandoned pile that once was deemed valuable. I’ve been the one who saw value and potential in the junk. And, sadly, I’ve given up way too soon on broken people that Jesus can make whole.

People are not broken beyond repair. Jesus welcomed, forgave, and healed the broken. Mark 16:9 and Luke 8:2 tell us Mary Magdalene once had seven demons plaguing her. I’m sure she felt and was even treated as disposable and hopeless. Yet, after she met Jesus and He healed her, He proved the most seemingly irreparable are able to be made well and have eternal worth. Jesus even showed how valuable she was as she was the first person to see Him after His resurrection (John 20:11-28)! What a blessing and affirmation for one who at one time was so distraught and devalued.

Thank you Jesus for seeing my worth and having a plan for me even when I’m broken. Thank you for not replacing and giving up on me. Because of how you redeemed and are continually repairing me, I say as Mary Magdalene now to all around, “I have seen the Lord!” (John 20:18). Help me see others as You have seen me.

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