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Jesus is the Center of It All

Jesus is the central figure of Scripture.  He is the hero.  Sometimes, people make themselves the hero and steal the glory from Jesus.  We tell the stories like David and Goliath and say we are the David’s that defeat Goliath’s like sin, addictions, and hurts.  But it is Jesus alone, […]

Proverbs 8 Men: Don’t Be Stupid

I’ve done some pretty dumb things in my lifetime.  I’d like to say, “Hasn’t everybody,” just to make me feel better.  Once, I was considering getting a new wedding ring, but my old one wouldn’t come off.  Now I had not planned to take it off in that particular moment, […]

Psalm 21

Most of the commentaries I have read on Psalm 21 stated the victories it was praising God for were those prayed for by David in Psalm 20.  One of the great things about keeping a prayer journal is having the ability to go back and rejoice when God answers prayers!  […]

Proverbs 6 Men: 4 Enemies of Godly Men

Men, there are four enemies “crouching at your door, desiring to have you, but you must rule over them” (Genesis 4:7).  In Proverbs 6, Solomon warns us of using money foolishly (vv. 1-5), laziness (vv. 6-11), bad character (vv. 12-19), and lust (vv. 20-35).   These four enemies can obliterate everything […]

Psalm 20

Psalm 20 is considered a royal psalm as deals with a king (v. 6, 9).  It is also a psalm of prayer before David and Israel entered battle.  David fought the Lord’s battles, as he did with Goliath (1 Samuel 17:47).  It was common for kings to pray before battle, […]

Psalm 19

Psalm 19 has to be one of my top five favorite of the Psalms.  It’s one I find myself quoting a lot.  How many times have I thought or said, “The heavens declare the glory of the Lord” (v. 1), “The law of the Lord is perfect, refreshing the soul” […]

Psalm 18

If the Lord allows you to live a long life, what will you be able to tell others about at the end of a lifetime of trusting the Lord?  Would you take credit for your accomplishments or give tribute to the Lord?   Most commentators believe David wrote this Psalm toward […]