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Day 9 – “Christmas Cookies”

My kids have a Christmas tradition with their grandmother (Gran) that they look forward to every year. They make Christmas sugar cookies from scratch and decorate them with colored icing and sprinkles. Sugar cookies are the best when they are still warm and fresh out of the oven…can I get […]

Day 8 – “A Distanced Christmas”

Ever since we’ve had kids, we’ve had their picture taken with Santa. For some, it’s nonsense. Some even consider it paganism and blasphemy. Not Santa! Don’t you know the letters in Santa mixed up spell Satan? While we wouldn’t go that far, we also know the true meaning of Christmas […]

Day 4 – “The Best Christmas Gift”

What’s the best Christmas present you’ve ever received? When I was a kid, I received two G.I. Joe tanks and the Star Wars Millennium Falcon in the same year! What’s the worst Christmas present you’ve ever received? I once received a $100 savings bond and a boy cabbage patch doll…really! […]

Day 1 – “The Signs of Christmas”

I believe this is the first year our Christmas decorations have gone up before Thanksgiving. I could be wrong as I can’t even remember what I wore yesterday. The signs of Christmas are all around us. When I see Christmas lights around the neighborhood, hear Christmas music on the radio, […]