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Opportune Timing

When are you the weakest and most susceptible to be tempted to sin?  Is it after a great victory or just before it?  Is it when you are physically, mentally, and emotionally drained?  What about when you are praying and seeking God for answers?  Does temptation come at church?  The […]

Jesus IS Alive!

The Resurrection of Jesus is the single most significant event in history.  Everything Jesus did and said, even the whole of Scripture, hinges on the validity of Jesus’ Resurrection.  Think about it:  the crucifixion, ministry of Jesus, and the whole Bible would be meaningless without the Resurrection. Some would say […]

It’s the Small Things

Have you ever found yourself so busy or consumed by stuff you didn’t find much joy in the whole day?  In this topsy turvy world we can rush right past the blessings and joy right in front of us overtaken by endless checklists and constant distractions.  Sometimes I get so […]

A Healthy Church Staff

Today in our weekly pastoral staff meeting I discussed with the staff characteristics of a healthy church staff (all while praying we were healthy enough to discuss it, lol).   Just a quick note – what a great staff I have!  Each of our staff meetings are, in my opinion, […]

Chow Down

“I’m hungry!”  Those are words we’ve all said and I hear constantly from three growing kids.  As my mom used to say, “I think they have a hollow leg” because nothing seems to ever fill them up!  Food is a key element in life.  It energizes, sustains, and satisfies our […]

Affair-Proof Your Marriage

He committed an affair and then had the husband killed in a last-ditch effort to cover his tracks.  It was the scandal of the decade for such a high profile leader.  For at least nine months he denied these allegations but eventually the news broke.  No, this is not the […]