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Proverbs 8 Men: Don’t Be Stupid

I’ve done some pretty dumb things in my lifetime.  I’d like to say, “Hasn’t everybody,” just to make me feel better.  Once, I was considering getting a new wedding ring, but my old one wouldn’t come off.  Now I had not planned to take it off in that particular moment, […]

Psalm 21

Most of the commentaries I have read on Psalm 21 stated the victories it was praising God for were those prayed for by David in Psalm 20.  One of the great things about keeping a prayer journal is having the ability to go back and rejoice when God answers prayers!  […]

Proverbs 6 Men: 4 Enemies of Godly Men

Men, there are four enemies “crouching at your door, desiring to have you, but you must rule over them” (Genesis 4:7).  In Proverbs 6, Solomon warns us of using money foolishly (vv. 1-5), laziness (vv. 6-11), bad character (vv. 12-19), and lust (vv. 20-35).   These four enemies can obliterate everything […]

Psalm 20

Psalm 20 is considered a royal psalm as deals with a king (v. 6, 9).  It is also a psalm of prayer before David and Israel entered battle.  David fought the Lord’s battles, as he did with Goliath (1 Samuel 17:47).  It was common for kings to pray before battle, […]