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Psalm 25

Have you ever prayed for guidance?  This is Psalm 25.  Here we see David approaching God with the familiar deliverance theme of his previous and future psalms.  David is praying for God to deliver him from his enemies, but he fully understands he has also been his own worst enemy, […]

Psalm 24

God is the creator (vv. 1-2), holy (vv. 3-6), and glorious (vv. 7-10)!  That is the heart of Psalm 24.  It conveys that God had first say as Creator, the overall say as the Perfect One, and the final say as the Lord Almighty! He doesn’t just exist as the […]

Psalm 23

Trusting the Lord can seem impossible in difficult times…but isn’t that when trust is needed and tested?  No one thinks about trust except when you need to trust!  In six verses of the most famous Psalm, King David expresses his confidence in the Shepherd of his soul to provide and […]

Psalm 22

Have you ever been in anguish one moment and joy the next?  That’s just the setting of Psalm 22.  Verses 1-21 are a lament and verses 22-31 are thanksgiving from David.  The Psalm begins with the verse Jesus quoted on the cross, “My God, My God, why have you forsaken […]