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Fake News Alert

Is it fake news or not?  Fake news used to be only found in the tabloids next to the checkout at the supermarket but now it’s everywhere.  When I scroll through my news feed on social media it can be hard to distinguish between true and fake news.  Who can […]

Seated at the Right Hand of God

The overbooking of seats and maltreatment of a passenger on a popular airline recently had me thinking about something. Have you ever had great seats on a plane? I had a friend who worked for an airline company and once bumped us up to first class! Great seats usually come […]

An Appointment Jesus

My week consists of meeting with people because as a pastor I’m in the people business. I’ve had the honor of meeting with hundreds of wonderful people and getting to know them better over the years. I remember once I came to the office to meet with someone and there […]